No hidden fees

No hidden fees

Production guarantee

We thank you for choosing us as your manufacturing partners, and we will lovingly produce every single order, and do our best to make sure that you always get the best service and quality

  1. We will follow the technical instructions of your order meticulously to the letter We will print using FUJIFILM paper and chemistry
  2. We do daily set-up
  3. We won’t manipulate your files, we will print them directly with the received format as a direct printing, unless you ask for color and density correction in your order.

Cancelation policy

Once paid, your order pass directly to processing, in order to make sure to be produced in the shortest time, Nevertheless, if you have a special need, please don’t hesitate contacting us.

  1. Contact us via chat or telephone, asking for an immediate hold of the production of it.
  2. The order will be on-hold for 24hrs.
  3. We will send you an email for you to confirm your request by a return mail
  4. Once confirmed by you and canceled, we will create a “Cash Coupon” for the amount paid reducing processed material for you to use in your next order

Repetition policy

We will repeat any product for any reason, you will only pay its shipment

Claims policy

Even though we try to do our best in order to make sure you will receive your product in the best conditions, sometimes some insignificant errors make take place, due to handling during shipping or simply a production error.

In this case please take photo or video of the problem and let us know about it

You will be able to choose:

  1. Keeping the original product sent to you, asking us to reproduce of the order paying only the shipping fees
  2. Keeping the product as is, and asking for 50% “Cash Coupon” from the product final paid cost as reflect in your order
  3. Return us the product in its original state and packing, getting a full refund to the same payment method issued with up to 15 working days after receiving the package

you must have the product returned in its original packaging and condition at your expense to:

  1. Mi Album
  2. Plaza Bialos
  3. Republic of Brazil #15
  4. Colonia Centro
  5. Cuauhtémoc Delegation
  6. Ground Floor
  7. Local 1.
  8. Mexico City (CDMX)
  9. Mexico
  10. +525555217000

Shipment fees

  1. Shipping rates are as published by DHL as their price list for shipments from Mexico to USA and Canada.
  2. How to get free shipping from Mexico to My Destination:
    1. In case your product accumulation is over $100USD, you can use the free shipping coupon
    2. In case you applied any discount coupon, and after your discount the product accumulation is higher than $250 as final price - your shipping will be free of charge
  3. Special benefit policy:
    1. in case you have a discount coupon, and your final price of the products will be less than $250 USD, the system will add up the total of your product and shipping and the coupon discount will be applied to the shipping as well.
    2. For example, in case your order is $400 USD, and the shipping cost is $80 USD, and you have a 67% discount coupon.
    3. The 67% discount is applied to the 400 and gives a total to be paid to the product of 132 and the shipping should be + $80 USD with a grand total of 132 + 80 = 212
    4. To ensure you enjoy the greatest benefit, we will apply the same discount to your shipping (400 - 67%) + (80 - 67%) = and your final amount will be only $158.4 USD
  4. In the case of a free repeat production, shipping is not included and is paid in full by you, even if your original shipment was discounted or even free of charge
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